The Authorized Few

Well, we hope you have enjoyed our company bios so far. Everyone has really enjoyed writing them for you and can’t wait to start writing their blogs about the topics that interest them most. Today we have a few more employees to introduce to you. We hope you enjoy reading them!


Big Blue


Hi, I’m Joe Hivnor.  I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Landscape Horticulture.  I have worked at Peabody for 14 years, starting out in the trenches as a crew leader; currently as the Operations Manager.  My responsibility is to manage the installation and maintenance departments within the company as well as facilitate the support groups around them such as the accounting, design & sales staff, mechanic and nursery staff.  Ultimately at the end of the day make sure we exceed the budget and keep repeat clients.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, and 2 young boys.  I am also currently working on designing, and installing the landscape at my house.  Oh and I love Reese Cups.  In my next blog, I hopefully will be able to talk about something other than snow!

Candy Dish


Hi, I’m Megan McCandlish, for now. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture.  I have worked at Peabody for 7 years, and have many jobs within the company. I am the commercial estimator primarily.  This involves estimating large commercial projects with plants, pavers, retaining walls, etc.  However I also design brochures and other marketing items for our company, manage all things related to IT in our company, and sometimes assist the residential designers by putting their designs into AutoCAD. Currently my time is largely occupied by setting up our new accounting / estimating system.

Outside of work, I live in the country on a farm, will be getting married this month, and have a dog, Chloe, and shared custody of 2 cats, Tang & Charlie, with my sister.  I like to travel, and you will typically find me outside relaxing on the porch.  I will keep you updated on any interesting plants or places that I visit while on my honeymoon.

Tim The Tranquil Triumphant


I have worked for Peabody Landscape for 12 years. I started out working on enhancement crew doing spring clean-ups, mulching, and small landscape jobs. Eventually I worked my way onto a mowing crew taking care of properties like Tartan Fields and New Albany common areas. Over the years I gradually started doing commercial sales and I now am part of the commercial account management.

Before I started working at Peabody Landscape, I worked for 18 years in a warehouse. The number one reason I really like this job is I’m not trapped in an office and I’m out talking to people about their landscape.

In my spare time I enjoy watching my 15-year-old son play baseball for Gahanna, then every once in a while I enjoy tearing up one of the local golf courses with friends. With spring quickly upon us I am going to spend my next couple blogs talking about spring cleanups, how to properly edge planting beds, spread mulch, and prune different plants and shrubs. Get excited!

– Tim

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