When Will It End??

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.49.35 PM

Big Blue here,

Well I was supposed to be writing about anything except snow; however, under the circumstances I felt obligated to write about the snow since it will not stop.  This last storm was a bit a disappointment seeing how it did not reach the one foot mark as originally predicted.  The foot of snow would have made it officially the snowiest season on record.  Instead we are a distant THIRD.

A couple of facts for you so you don’t feel to bummed, we have accomplished a lot this winter. Did you know that 1 inch of rain is equal to 11 inches of snow and that in Columbus we average +/- 27 inches of snow a year.  So in a year that has brought over 50 inches so far we should be proud.  Who knows!  Maybe the big one is still to come, some say the largest one is to come before the end of March.

The highlight of the snowy season has been watching the sledding and playing with my two boys in the snow.  What a great age 2 and 4.  It has been a blast.

According to my last blog I was not going to talk about snow, but here we are.  I guess time will tell whether the next blog will be about snow or not.

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