And Then There Were 3

Well we have the last three bloggers to introduce to you today, then it is onto the good stuff. There is some great information that you will be able to learn from these individuals. We all know that they are going to provide some great blogs and this is just the beginning for them!

Macho Manscape


I’m Jason Bornhorst, and I work as a Landscape Design Specialist here at Peabody Landscape Group. I work with clients to create plans to build their perfect outdoor environment. From the outdoor living spaces, water features, and all the landscape that surrounds it. This is truly my passion to help take my clients outdoor dreams into a reality.

Away from work I’m still an outdoorsman at heart! Fishing, golf, and helping coach my daughters softball team keeps me active. I try not to take myself to seriously, and I’m quick with a movie quote as my wife Nikki would attest! I love history and am an avid World War II buff, they truly were our greatest generation, and believe me, you must first know where you have been to know where you are going.

In my next installment I will touch on the evolution of Outdoor Living, it’s not just a concrete patio anymore! So stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

Alyssa The Academic


Hello all! I am Alyssa Garcia and I’m a senior of The Ohio State University’s Landscape Architecture Undergraduate Program. When I am working at Peabody, I assist with commercial bidding, marketing, and AutoCAD rendering. As for when I am at my beloved Ohio State, I tend to enjoy pulling all nighters at Knowlton, which no one should ever do, but I love it, and staying active. I am also in love with my Prius, we go everywhere together. Then as for some of my favorite food to munch on, I would have to say anything that is coconut! In my next blog you can expect something that has to relate to Spring which I have been anticipating for a long time now!

El Padrino


El Padrino here, or you can call me Dave. I started this business with my brother Doug back in 1982. It has been a crazy journey to get to where this business is today. I am now working alongside my two oldest sons, quite amazing to believe. I am also writing a blog for heaven’s sake, which I still cannot wrap my head around. Enough of that, so my job has me involved in almost everything when it comes to this business. I sell residential design/build projects, make sure the business is moving smoothly, and look for new ways to create a competitive advantage for my business.

When I am not at work, I enjoy a good history or nature program, playing board games with my family, and spending time with my two Black Labs, Emmy and Bodie. I also like to make a mean spaghetti sauce from time to time, its always a big day at my house when I’m at the stove. As far as my next blog post, you can expect anything that relates to this warm weather that I have been hoping for, although it has been nice having a snowy winter.

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