The Bug of Terror

The Bug of Terror

The Creative Crust here!

I wanted to inform you all of the Emerald Ash Bore that has plagued many states in the Midwest and the East Coast. I am sure you may have noticed signs of trees dying either in your neighborhood, in the woods, or around town. Unfortunately this has been happening since 2002, when the Emerald Ash Bore first came to the United States. It is still unknown how the bug was first introduced, but it is suspected that they were imported into North America via crating, pallets, or dunnage made from infested Ash Trees. Since their invasion though, they have killed millions of trees

The first signs of the bug were noticed in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. The bug has slowly moved across states through the transportation of cut wood across county and state lines. This is now illegal to move Ash Tree logs across county lines where Emerald Ash Bore has been detected and a heavy fine can follow if these rules are broken.

The whole story is a sad one as we have lost many beautiful and full-grown trees that help shade our yards in the hot summer months. I am sure you will notice this spring and summer especially, when there are street trees or wooded areas that look barren because of the death of these trees.Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 3.02.11 PM

If you do notice these trees in your yard, it will not make matters worse to replace the dead tree with another beautiful tree, such as a Maple, Oak, Honeylocust, or Elm.

Although this is a pretty depressing blog topic, I felt that it was one that would be informative to those of you who were curious why some trees in your area were dying off. Next time I will be sure to write about something much more upbeat and exciting!

Love & Honor,

The Creative Crust

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